Avanced Crystal Practitioner Diploma Course

by Distant Learning

includes deep healing and communication with your Inner Child, using crystals and crystal grids.  This is to Diploma level or purely for self healing and for deepening your spiritual journey; removing layers to allow the light and love to shine from your heart; letting love in – the reason why we are here….., Lemurian crystals., shifting frequencies, past life regression/timeline healing therapy.. with crystals & sound… expanding consciousness with the new Earth crystals, and much more….

£380, if paid in full, otherwise Easy Payment plan is available

Enrol by Paypal or by Credit Card and state it is for the Advanced Crystal Healing course. Please ‘friend’ the payment.

Email Paypal address: lesleycarol@atlantiscrystalhealing.com under Lesley Carol or Atlantis College

Distance learning course fees are non-refundable.  There is a 3 year period for completing the course. Course notes and recordings are yours to keep forever and should be downloaded and kept somewhere safe.
In person course fees are non- refundable unless at least two months notice is given to allow time for your place to be filled. Assignments for Practitioner level are to be completed within 3 years.