Diploma to Practitioner level or for Personal Development
Sound Healing – in person * Crystal Healing (distant learning) *
CrystalSonic RejuvenationTM * (distant learning & in person)*

“Change your frequency and you change your life”…. These courses certainly do this!





Enquire for dates  – perfect presents for you and your special friends and family…

Meet and experience the ancient Tibetan Singing bowls, ancient Shamanic Nepalese Drums or Nepalese gongs with sacred symbols, Burmese Spinning gongs, ancient Tibetan bells with Vajras…  all available here for purchase.

Experience and play… as the sounds take you into altered consciousness to allow you to journey into higher dimensions of light, whilst the sounds re-pattern your consciousness and transform into light.

View, listen, experience and play the ancient Burmese Spinning gongs (the type that we and other well known sound healers choose to play) as they clear the mind of chattering thoughts and lift you into realms of bliss. To ground the high vibrations of peace and light into all aspects of your life.

This is a unique opportunity to see and experience these rare Shamanic tools of light and healing, as we are very lucky and blessed to be their guardians in this area. They are all available for purchase.

CRYSTAL SONIC REJUVENATIONtm Training in person or Distance Learning

Only £380 investment/energy exchange for a career investment and exciting new therapy… including the special, sparkly high vibrational Crystal and Sonic pack (retail value over £80) and pay by PayPal, cash or Bank transfer. You will receive a confirmation, welcoming you to the course… and your pack will be sent on its way to you. You are then all set to begin your amazing journey with your own personal Tutor and guide….

Choose to learn how to do this amazing CrystalSonic Rejuvenation Face-lift on yourself and on others, in-person or by Distant Learning. All for only £380 including the special pack. What do you receive from this? A youthful, glowing, stress-free face and crystal light and sound spreading health and well-being into every cell of your body, radiating out into your energy field…and much more… sharing this with friends, family and an ever-growing circle of eager clients…


For CrystalSonic RejuvenationTM…..Please ‘friend’ the payment or pay the extra, and give your address so your beautiful sparkling crystal and sound pack can be posted to you, and then you will be ready to start. Sorry, but cannot ship to certain countries due to customs issues.

Free package and post in the United Kingdom. Elsewhere, postage is extra. But well worth it. A parcel of glowing, shining light made manifest, just for you!

CRYSTAL HEALING COURSE including Sacred Sound Voice & Introduction to Crystal Singing Bowls

by Distance Learning

  • Nine in depth modules with MP3 recordings
  • Learn all about Crystal Therapy with the bonus of Sacred Sound Voice & introduction to crystal singing bowls, in your own time, your own home, at your own pace.
  • Attuning to different powerful crystals – raising your vibrations

Therapy for self and others –

Become a recognised, qualified Practitioner or add to your existing practise to gain more clients or for own spiritual development/ for self, family, friends & loved ones

A tenth module assists you in setting yourself up as a Practitioner including insurance and Codes of Ethics, etc.

£380, if paid in full, otherwise Easy Payment plan is available

Enrol by Paypal or Direct Bank payment)

Avanced Crystal Practitioner Diploma Course

by Distant Learning

includes deep healing and communication with your Inner Child, using crystals and crystal grids.  This is to Diploma level or purely for self healing and for deepening your spiritual journey; removing layers to allow the light and love to shine from your heart; letting love in – the reason why we are here….., Lemurian crystals., shifting frequencies, past life regression/timeline healing therapy.. with crystals & sound… expanding consciousness with the new Earth crystals, and much more….

£380, if paid in full, otherwise Easy Payment plan is available

Enrol by Paypal or by Credit Card and state it is for the Advanced Crystal Healing course. Please ‘friend’ the payment.

Email Paypal address: lesleycarol@atlantiscrystalhealing.com under Lesley Carol or Atlantis College

Distance learning course fees are non-refundable.  There is a 3 year period for completing the course. Course notes and recordings are yours to keep forever and should be downloaded and kept somewhere safe.
In person course fees are non- refundable unless at least two months notice is given to allow time for your place to be filled. Assignments for Practitioner level are to be completed within 3 years.