CRYSTAL SONIC REJUVENATIONtm Training in person or Distance Learning

Only £380 investment/energy exchange for a career investment and exciting new therapy… including the special, sparkly high vibrational Crystal and Sonic pack (retail value over £80) and pay by PayPal, cash or Bank transfer. You will receive a confirmation, welcoming you to the course… and your pack will be sent on its way to you. You are then all set to begin your amazing journey with your own personal Tutor and guide….

Choose to learn how to do this amazing CrystalSonic Rejuvenation Face-lift on yourself and on others, in-person or by Distant Learning. All for only £380 including the special pack. What do you receive from this? A youthful, glowing, stress-free face and crystal light and sound spreading health and well-being into every cell of your body, radiating out into your energy field…and much more… sharing this with friends, family and an ever-growing circle of eager clients…


For CrystalSonic RejuvenationTM…..Please ‘friend’ the payment or pay the extra, and give your address so your beautiful sparkling crystal and sound pack can be posted to you, and then you will be ready to start. Sorry, but cannot ship to certain countries due to customs issues.

Free package and post in the United Kingdom. Elsewhere, postage is extra. But well worth it. A parcel of glowing, shining light made manifest, just for you!